While Our Nation Mourns

We live in a world of violence. We are continually at war and that reflects on societies worldwide. Movies and television shows bombard us with automatic rifle fire, grenade explosions and ground-to-ground or ground-to air-missiles.

I for one am tired of the noise. The murder of little kids in Connecticut showed us the hysteria that gun violence plays in our lives. In this case, false information, poured out by the media, was a result of the hysteria. Nobody could believe what they were seeing. Nobody could think straight.

Now as families are burying their little children, Christmas has disappeared for many. The Joyful Season is a Season of Despair and Unbelief. Even God, who sees all, is weeping for the families and children whose lives were cut short by a young man who first killed his mother before attacking the school. I would guess his mother was trying to stop him, might have stopped him if she were able. But his goal was to kill the most helpless and even his mother was not to stop that terror.

Nothing will stop a deranged mind from fulfilling the task at hand. But keeping automatic weapons and hand guns out of his hands would be a start. The President went on the air today assigning the Vice President to have recommendation by January. Even anti-gun law members of Congress see that something might be done.

What we need is a kinder more gentle society. Out nation needs to solve problems without unneeded military action. Hollywood and television needs to find other topics than violence.

We pray for the comforting of those in Connecticut but there are so many others worldwide who are suffering from gun and explosive violence. When ever such an event occurs, somebody in the media breaks out the list. The media thrives on such horrific stories, extends them, and in a way points the way for other deranged people to get media attention.

One thing I hate is the prolonging of the agony of the innocent by the continued questioning of the victims by the media. For the media to almost completely dominate the tragedy is a tragedy in itself.

Now we are trying to Celebrate the Prince of Peace. But we have not found Peace. We have found agony. I assume that most of the innocent will have a happy Christmas morning. But there will be tears in the eyes of the adults.


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3 thoughts on “While Our Nation Mourns

  1. Don

    You didnt mention one other aspect of this violent society we live in. There is now at least 2 generations that have been brought up on Violent video games. Each year they get worse and worse, numbing us to the violence a little each time.
    One other point I would like to make, is that the guns used in the CT shooting were stolen. No amount of gun control would have stopped this guy, without an outright banning of ALL guns. This guy had it in his mind to do this, and he found a way. No blaming mental disorders on this one.

    1. admin Post author

      Right you are, Don! I’m 81 years old and my grandson that liked me to play video games with him passed away. He was autistic and died at age 22 or 23.

      The lad in Connecticut was home schooled by his mother because he could not cope with social situations. Why she bought and fired guns with him, I’m not sure.

      Thanks for your comment. John


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