What Ever Happened to Basic Values?

Wasn’t there a time that folks cared about their families and neighbors and lived a frugal life? I lived in Iowa for eight (8) years teaching engineering to Iowa farm boys, They had basic values. One told me that if two farmers are trying to make a trade they will haggle down to the last penny but if one gets sick and can’t get his crops in, the other will be over there harvesting the crops for him. i found this to be true.

We know such values are not universal. Look at our prisons, full to the brim. And look at our corrupt politicians that wear fine suits and ties and rob us blind. Our government is not a good neighbor, it is a nosy neighbor. Our idea of diplomacy is dropping millions to the United Nations but continually sending armies into the field. Reckless spending has us $15.7 trillion in debt.

So it is important that we learn values and teach them to our children. We need to push greed and avarice out of our lives. We need to think about service to others.

What do you think about all this.

Fly Old Glory!


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