Vegetable Garden Ideas

The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible

How is that vegetable garden coming?

You can have a more enjoyable summer by growing a vegetable garden. You can grow some vegetables and fruits even in on a small lot or in an apartment. If you don’t have a plot then you can use a pot. (That rhymes by accident.)

If You Are Not a Green Thumb

Go to to learn how to garden. Here is a listing on the Internet to also teach you the basics. You also can g;o to YouTube for demonstration videos.

Amazon and other sites have a collection of books on gardening.

Some Advantages of Gardening

It takes some work but look at gardening in this way:

      1. Exercise is good.
      2. You can munch from your garden.
      3. You will be responsible for living things getting care and nourishment.
      4. You will be so proud at the county fair when your carrots get a blue ribbon.
      5. Your vegetables will be fresh, not handled by others, and will have no harmful additives.
      6. If you are really fanatic, you can do “organic” gardening where not even inorganic fertilizers are used. You will be able to feel smug.
      7. You will have what you grow available when the stores are closed. OK, they never close in your area. But you won’t have to get into the car either.
      8. You can share those extra zucchinis with that widow next door.
      9. You will have something to talk about over the back fence.
      10. Eating fewer processed foods will improve your health.

You Can Grow Fruits

We have 8 fruit trees on our city lot. We grow cherries, plums,, apricots, peaches, apples and pears. We also have a grape fine along the fence. We can and freeze fruits. Sometimes we dry them. I use a FoodSaver V4440  which I purchased from Amazon.

For drying, we use a Presto 6300 dehydrator.

Your County Agent

Both the Dept. of Agriculture and your state department of agricultural will give you information on growing fruits and vegetables in your area. So will local gardening stores and departments at Lowes and Home Depot. Local nurseries can also help you.

I did not plant my fruit trees. I had the nursery where I bought them, plant them. That way, I had no loss from incorrect planting.

If you are not able to do heavy digging, have a local handy man do it for you. If you can’t get down on your knees, then get a gardening stool.

This Should Be Fun!

If gardening seems too much like work, you are too old to do it, then see if your family won’t give you a hand. How about the boy next door? Will he do the work for you. Maybe a neighbor who just wants some exercise might like to help you. How about your church, Is it service minded?

Note: I may get a small commission from Amazon if you purchase through my links. This is of no cost to you and I thank you for it.

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John and Pat Jones back when we could do things together (Grand Tetons)




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