Thought for the DayNovember 6, 2014: Did You Vote?

vote 1Voting is a right best exercised by people who have taken time to learn about the issues. Tony Snow (thanks to

As President Roosevelt said, if you want to keep the right to vote that we need to vote. But we should invoke wisdom in our voting, choosing candidates based on their record and not just because they are a member of a particular political party.

vote 2Here in Idaho, we have the one party system. On this last ballot, there were mostly Republicans because the Democratic Party has given up. It is Jesse Ventura said, we need to ignore the party and vote for the person. If you’re not sure of a candidate, you can always choose your party’s candidate.

Years ago, I was invited to a Republican dinner in the Nevada, Iowa. The tables were nicely set and there was a piece of pie set by each plate. I sit there by myself until other guest arrived. The ladies began grabbing the pies from surrounding plates and putting them around their plates. (This was so that they could give their friends a choice of pie. But to me it had a different meaning.)

Lagoon, Farmington, Utah

Lagoon, Farmington, Utah

Saltair, West of SLC, Utah (gobbled up by the Great Salt Lake)

Saltair, West of SLC, Utah (gobbled up by the Great Salt Lake)

My father was President for many years of the Sage Brush Democratic Club in Utah. We always went to Lagoon in Farmington, Utah or Saltair about 20 miles west of Salt Lake City.

I was used to a lot of friendly people offering me some chicken, potato salad or a piece of pie or cake.

The Republicans didn’t know me, so they chose to ignore me. Only my friend, a fellow professor who invited me to the dinner and those of his Republican friends he introduced to me, talked to me.

I simplified things. I knew the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Every Democrat wants everyone to have a piece of the pie. Each Republican wants the whole pie for him or herself.

The parties have changed over the years. My father became an independent because he didn’t like the way the Democratic Party was changing with the Kennedy family. I have always been an Independent which means nothing other than I vote for whom I please. Now days, that is usually Republican because of my negativity toward the present administration.

I realize that we are in a dilemma despite the Republicans grabbing hold of the Senate. If the Senate Minority Leader becomes the Senate majority whip, we are in trouble. That man will probably do little to change the current situation. Neither will the President.

But we need to have patience in politics. The American people have been disenfranchised. They will be voting again in the presidential election in two years. They will be looking for a new face, someone with intelligence, vision, and unusual leadership ability. Maybe that “someone” is you.


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