Thought for the Day September 30, 2014 Disenfranchisement

HCI logoWhen you lose contact voluntarily or involuntarily from your family or church or a club or other group, you may be disenfranchised and you may have to deal with some of the basic tenets of your life.

If you were taught certain things when a child, they are part of you. And if things have changed for you, you may have a tough time dealing with your thinking.

Losing your faith is a disenfranchisement. Things that were drilled into you have become a burden to you. It’s like losing Santa Clause when you were a kid. I remember when I learned from older kids, my siblings that Santa was nor for real, I felt like the only pea in the pod.
support groupTo overcome such feelings, you may need a support group. There are plenty available. Just look in your newspaper. You also can seek counseling.

Let’s hope you can stay franchised. If not, let’s hope for a new emergence of you.


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