Thought For The Day September 28, 2014 A Day of Rest

HCI logoIn Genesis, Moses wrote down the Moses 3Ten Commandments and said there should be a holy day of rest for man and beast. Great Idea! We need to rest our bodies and minds from the daily tedium.

Those of you who work everyday of the week know how exhausting it is. You can lose interest in life. When I was a college student, I worked 13 hours a day every day, covering two jobs. I would never do that again. For the last 20 years I have worked no days a week and no hours per day. I don’t count my writing much of the time as work, just a hobby.

Sports are big on Sunday and Saturday, the Christian and Jewish Sabbaths. Folks file off to the football game or baseball game or such and enjoy the game which takes their minds off the daily drudgery. They don’t mind dodging the traffic for a time to get to and from the game. It may tire them out physically to make the effort, but it rejuvenates them mentally unless their team loses. For you ladies: How to Watch Football

Some people actually go to church. Some meditate at home. The important thing is to do something besides just going to the football game to rejuvenate your soul. Read an inspirational book or magazine.

We use to use animals to do farm work. A few folks still do. But farm animals and horses should not be driven every day of the week. They need a break to. But this is not much of a problem now days. Pet horses may only work on the weekend.

So anyway, let up one day of the week. Point your mind in a different direction and rest those limbs.

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