Thought for the Day September 27, 2014 Today Is Enough

HCI logoJesus Christ“Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” Mathew 6:34 KJV

No use getting ahead of yourself. You can only do so much. Yes, plan for the future, but stick to the tasks at hand for today. If you ignore them, putting them off, they will pile up and bury you. So do what needs to be done today, today.

Things will pop up that you need to take care off. Well, do it as quickly as you can and get back to your schedule.

You do have a schedule, right? I have a schedule that is the same every week so there are certain things that I do on each day of the week. That is because I am old and senile and I do what I want, which is write. So I update websites everyday according to which day of the week it is. In my spare time I tend to spend too much time on writing a novel. I get wrapped up in a novel and it dominates me, so I take care of the schedule in the morning and then fiddle around on my novel for a good part of the day.

That can be tiring so I have to paste myself and to quit sooner or later. I have to walk everyday, but that is not on my schedule. But an exercise schedule could be good for many folks so as not to neglect your body.


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