Thought for the Day September 23, 2014 Thrift

Folks are not built for thrift anymore. It is no longer thrift but “blow your wad and then some.” We have to have everything in sight. And the media keeps blasting us with advertising saying to do this or do that. We change cell phones like we change our underwear.

We don’t invest for the future as we should. In old age, we find ourselves working welcoming shoppers at Wal-Mart or even flipping burgers.

Do you remember Jiminy Cricket?

Jiminy starves in the wintertime while the ants live on the stores they cached away during the warm months. You may not know this but many old folks are starving trying to live on Social Security and food stamps. I have heard that some buy canned dog food as a source of protein.

Here are some ideas to help you prepare for your old age so that you can eat without working some crappy job:

1. Follow the old adage to pay your self first. Give “yourself” the first 10 percent of your income. Save and invest in your future.

2. Even if you don’t have a large amount of money, seek advice from a investment specialist. I suggest Edward Jones for many folks. They will give you free some very good advice and they will help you prepare for the future.

3. Stop blowing your money on things you really don’t need. Keep your car in good repair and it will last a long time. You don’t need a new car every year  nor a new cell phone.

4. Use coupons and watch ads for good deals. Buy when other people are not. Sells are on all the time for merchandise being removed from the shelves. Now is a good time to buy summer clothing or a camping tent.

5. Make do and do without, another old saying.

6. Don’t use credit except for your home, car and education but be careful here too. Get rid of your other debt by paying of one debt by doubling payments. When it is paid, use that money as an added payment to the next debt. Soon, you will be out of debt, a free man or woman.

7. Don’t take the kids shopping unless you have to. Explain the them that they are not to beg for candy and junk food and a new pair of shoes. If they do beg, just say, “No!” If they cry, ignore them, don’t appease them. (Suggested by Ebeneezer Scrooge.)

8. Learn how to repair and maintain things. Maybe there is a course at your community college.

9. Sometimes shopping online can save you money. Amazon has good pricing because of the competition there. Shipping is often free and rapid.

10. Yard sells are good as our thrift stores. I went to yard sells for years with my wife. Now are house is full of stuff which I sell at my Etsy Store (MyStuffy). A ten cent item can sell on Etsy for $20.00 or more. My granddaughters are swamped right now at their store where they sell items they and their workers make at home. Have you got a skill?

One you become a “Boy Scout” and say “A Scout is Thrifty,” you will look to save your money and to use it wisely.



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