Thought for the Day September 22, 2014 Making Hay

HCI logofarmerThey say, “Make hay while the sun shines.” Well, at least here in Idaho. What I mean is to take advantage of opportunities when they are hot. Time often kills opportunity.

I am not just talking about financial and business opportunities. There are many opportunities that pass by us everyday which we often miss. For example:

1. We may say, “I’ve always wanted to know about that.” But we don’t pursue it. We put it off. Maybe a click on the web would bring us the answer.

2. We are in a hurry and forget to tell someone “thank you” or that we appreciate their friendship.

3. Some times we miss the opportunity to help someone when we are able to give that help.

4. Sometimes we are in such a hurry that we don’t take the time to meditate on life and our role in it.

5. Sometimes we delay to visit the old, ill or infirm and then find it is too late. They are gone forever.

Sure, take financial and business opportunities while they are there to take. Just don’t think that such opportunities are gone forever. They often are just modified and you have to adjust to the situation. Don’t say, “Well, I missed out on that one,” when actually you still have the same or a similar opportunity.

Opportunity is knocking!


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