Thought for the Day September 21, 2014 Persistence

Persistence can be good or bad. I’m talking about the good. The power that drives you to completion of a goal or objective or project.HCI logo

Albert EinstienThomas Edison comes to mind as usual, the most persistent scientist ever known in my opinion.

Albert Einstein said that his gift was being to able to focus on one problem at a time, forever if necessary. (He Albert Einstiencould also focus outside the problem.)

220px-Robert_Louis_Stevenson_Knox_SeriesRobert Lewis Stevenson worked hard everyday even though he said that he never was well one day in his life. He said that if he didn’t get out of bed and get to work that nothing would be accomplished.

Adolph Hitler was persistent in not ever forgetting his past and the screwy concepts that went with it. His legacy was murder and mayhem and cruelty, the most deadly man that ever lived. Only idiots and vicious schemers followed him (most all of Germany).

In Japan I loved to watch the jugglers who do unimaginably feats. When you see them, you know that it took them years to learn their tricks. I could never juggle even three balls. However, my son Barry is much  more persistent and juggling was conquered. (In Korea at a USO show in the rear, a young juggler juggled seven (7) balls in the air. Then he said, “Do you want to see nine (9) balls?” Of course we did. We raised a big ruckus to see that performance. He showed us a picture of nine (9) balls in the air.)

high wireMaybe that is how we can learn persistence. Find something that is hard to do and stick with it until you conquer it. Have you ever been on a high wire?

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