Thought for the Day September 16, 2014 A Little Laughter

HCI logoThey say a little laughter goes a long way. Well, it does help, right?

Watch the video. Do you remember this song?

What makes you happy? Well, a good joke might do it. Here is an old joke I have told a few times:

golf 2golf 1Fred and Jake were golfing in PA next to the Turnpike. Jake hit a ball that sliced over the highway causing a seven car and a bus collision and a motorcycle to swerve off the highway into the borrow pit. After a while the two could see a state trooper walking toward them with his pantaloons pants and his forest ranger hat.

trooperWhen the ranger got up to them, he said, “Which of you two clowns sliced the ball over the highway causing that pile up?

golf 3Fred pointed to Jake. The ranger took the golf club that Jake had used and said, “Hold the club like this.”

I also told my chicken joke:

A traveling sales man saw a chicken running along side his car on a dusty road in Alabama. He pushed harder on the accelerater and the chicken did too. When he go to 60 mph, the chicken just took off. Far ahead he saw it run into a barnyard. The salesmen pulled in behind it.

chicken 3An old farmer was standing there in his coveralls with his hands in this pockets. The salesman said, “Man that chicken is fast. I was going 60 mph when he passed me like I was standing still.”

The farmer said, “She’s got three legs.”

chicken 4The sales man thought and said, “We can make a million selling chickens with three legs. They have three drum sticks. Are they good eatin’.”

“Don’t know, the farmer said.”I never been able to catch one.”

OK, I’ll stop.

Tee hee!

You got one? Add it in the comment box.


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