Thought for the Day September 14, 2014 Meditation

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Meditation is good for the soul. It also gives your brain time to sort things out. It lets you delve into the meaning of things. I just made that up so it must be true.

When we have a problem, I’m talking about any problem, technical or emotional or what have you, we can get a better grasp about what is going on if we meditate on it.

Scientist and engineers do this all the time. Their meditations may not take place on a mat while burning incense. They just stew about a problem day and night without really thinking deeply about it. Our brain, the right side in right handed people, left in left handed people, solves complex problems but it does not keep time. It has no clock, unlike the opposite side that is always in a hurry. It like unscrambling a word. It’s better not to think about it.

But if you want to sit on a high mountain and meditate, go ahead. I won’t stop you.

Enjoy this video of saying from Confucius.


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