Thought for the Day: Raising Kids

family 1My granddaughter was here with her three lovable little hellions for a few days. She recommended that I write a thought about raising kids. My wife is no longer able to handle such assignments, so I guess I will have to write it even though she raised the kids.

The most important thing is that parents love their children. That they do not spoil them rotten. That they allow their children to develop their talents.

I used to tell my kids, “Get an elephant!”

violinWhat I meant was, do something that is hard to do. I was really talking about their vocation. If you do something that is difficult to do, others will not be able to do it or they will not want to do it. Isn’t it true that we often try to shy away from difficult things?

I told my kids to take the most difficult courses in school that they could take and to forget about basket weaving. They all have done this. My sons each have doctorate level degrees. My daughter is married to an M.D. and she is an RN and a professional artist. Some of our grandchildren seem to be like-minded.

I also told them that they should do something that they like to do. Who was spend their life doing something that is not of interest to them? You should have some passion that you want to follow.

The last thing to do, I told them, was that they should do something that is of service to others. That is the best way to bring meaning into your own life.

children singingNowadays we have so many children with special needs. Anxiety and autism are rampant. Sometimes a little smack on the butt is not adequate to correct such a child. You need professional help. It can be very difficult to handle such problems on your own. Some schools have special programs for such children. Unfortunately, too many do not.

My daughter-in-law told me that we have 27 great-grandchildren. I know that two (2) more will be here fairly soon. It is hard for me to keep track of who is who.

But the important thing is that their parents know who they are and that they take care of their needs. About all I can do is give them a hug and perhaps a small gift now and then. But we don’t see them often. Most of them live in other states and we are not able to travel together at all.

Grandparents do have a role in the lives of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Nowadays, that role is very difficult to fulfill because we are a very mobile society.


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