Thought for the Day October 31, 2014: Jack Benny and Gracie Allen and Jerry Seinfeld

Thought for the Day October 31, 2014: Jack Benny and Gracie Allen and Jerry Seinfeld

burns and allenMy wife Mary and I have been married for forty-seven years and not once have we had an argument serious enough to consider divorce; murder, yes, but divorce, never. Jack Benny (thanks to

Give me golf clubs, fresh air and a beautiful partner, and you can keep the clubs and the fresh air. Jack Benny (thanks to

I don’t deserve this award, but I have arthritis and I don’t deserve that either. Jack Benny (thanks to

I don’t want to tell you how much insurance I carry with the Prudential, but all I can say is: when I go, they go too. Jack Benny (thanks to

Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Jack Benny (thanks to

When I was born I was so surprised I didn’t talk for a year and a half.
Gracie Allen (thanks to

Smartness runs in my family. When I went to school I was so smart my teacher was in my class for five years. Gracie Allen (thanks to

This used to be a government of checks and balances. Now it’s all checks and no balances. Gracie Allen (thanks to

When my mother had to get dinner for 8 she’d just make enough for 16 and only serve half. Gracie Allen (thanks to

The President of today is just the postage stamp of tomorrow. Gracie Allen (thanks to

Jack Benny and Gracie Allen were a comical pair that performed on vaudeville, radio and television. The cigar smoking Jack Benny lived to a ripe old age and he was performing to the very end. You may want to watch all or part of one of their early TV shows:

Jerry SeinfieldThrough comics we see things that most of us don’t notice. Like Jerry Seinfeld, they often have great powers of observation. When they point out the frailties of human nature, we see it as humor.


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