Thought for the Day October 24, 2014: Ebola Again

A doctor returning from a helping Ebola patients in West Africa has been isolated for treatment for Ebola. His plane landed in New York City and the city is scrambling to find people with whom he may have had contact.

It’s like a horror movie.

First we have a West African man died in Texas because he didn’t get diagnosed properly and treated soon enough. Since his death, to nurses that took care of him have contracted Ebola. One is now free of Ebola virus and the other is still under treatment.

One of these nurses flew to the Midwest before she was diagnosed with Ebola. Many people were quarantined because of contact with her. The quarantine period of 21 days has passed so these people have been released from quarantine, some of which quarantined themselves.

This is the way that pandemics get started.

Medical authorities are now more awake countrywide for people who may have Ebola symptoms.

You might want to get a copy of the Ebola Survival Manual.



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