Thought for the Day November 7, 2014: Darwin and the Pope

HCI logoPopeThe new “energy” Pope, Pope Francis I, the Bishop of Rome and head of the Catholic Church, said the other day that evolution takes place, that is one of God’s ways of creation. He also supports the Big Bang Theory.

I have always said that any creator uses two methods of creation. One method is the Eureka method.

Eureka!You know, the cartoonist light bulb over a person’s head when he gets a great idea. “Eureka!”

Philo Farnsworth

Philo Farnsworth

The other way is by evolution. Look at the television for example. Filo Farnsworth, and Idaho boy, thought up television while plowing his father’s fields.

I first saw a television set, including a stage where they were filming for the television, at the Utah State Fair which I think was in 1939. After the War, World War II, I saw my first television set had a friend’s home. Through the snow we watched George Goebbels and Milton Berle entertain us.

Television sets eventually had less interference and also television stations became more capable. There was a big deal when color television came. Now, still years later we have flat screen televisions of very high definition. And just lately, we have 3-D television and the new curved screens.

That is what is called evolution of a product.

That is how man creates. And that is how God creates.

As a note, God did not write the Bible, men did. The gospel writers expressed themselves in terms of what they understood. Their science was far less developed than ours. Therefore they used simpler explanations.

Don’t blame God for all the misunderstandings that we have. We created them.

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