Thought for the Day November 14: Succeeding after Failure

fall 5Failure is just part of living. We stumble along through life, buying our heads on the rafters, and fallen into snares. When we watch a new child learning to walk, we see him fall and we watch him get up again and start walking again. This goes on and on until he or she is sure of herself and walks without falling.

ClownYou learned to ride a bicycle with your child, didn’t you? You fell down and skinned your knee and had to have your mother get out the mercurochrome and patch you up. Again, you got up on your bicycle and road until you fell again. Pretty soon you were writing with no hands and tell you are writing with no teeth. But you never gave up. It’s like circus clowns with those outlandish boxing gloves always slapping each other in the face. Sometimes you just have to take a slap in the face.

Sometimes as adults we out think ourselves. We take failure as a slap in the face from the gods. Rather than to learn from our mistakes, we quit. That is when we miss out on opportunities.

Red Skelton Use To Fall for a Living lol

Red Skelton Use To Fall for a Living lol

Brilliant people fail. Highly educated people fail. Talented people fail. So we should realize that we are not perfect, that we will make mistakes, and that we have the ability to overcome our mistakes and to move ahead.


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