Thought For the day January 9, 2015: Broaden Your Steps

girl snowshoesBroaden Your Steps

You’ve heard of Lengthen Your Stride. You can add this to it: Broaden Your Steps. In parts of the country right now, you will not be able to lengthen your stride until you broaden your steps. You know, you have to have snowshoes to move across deep snow.

Okay, you live in Florida.

If you search the Internet about “how to lengthen your stride,” there are about 40,000 entries but they don’t tell you how to lengthen your stride in life. They tell you how to relate to your stride while you are running. (If you follow this line, you will get a hernia.)

Spencer W. Kimball

Spencer W. Kimball

There are a few references to President Kimball, former president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who saw a great changes in the Church. But I didn’t see anything about lengthening your stride of life.

I had the privilege of knowing this fantastic person and his wife, Camille. He was the uncle of our Stake President in Iowa. I was his scribe when he dissolved the district and organized the new stake (like a diocese in the Catholic Church.)

My Ways to Broaden Your Step

Since there was nothing there, I can give you my version. You can’t broaden your steps and lengthen your stride of life if you:

1. Increase your knowledge by taking 10 or 15 minutes each day to study the same topic over and over again. After a few years, you will be the expert.

2. Take five minutes each day to meditate. You can sit on the floor with your arms folded if you like. (I thought of an old post World War II joke here. In case of a nuclear attack, this is the position you will take to kiss your arse goodbye.) Meditation can calm your mind so you can focus on what is next. (Now, I just tried that. I peered into the cosmos. I saw the blackness of outer space. I saw blue seas and skies. I went through four (4) periods of relaxation. I woke up refreshed.)

3. Write down your purpose in life.

4. Write down the one thing that you want most to achieve in life.

5. Write down three major goals intermediate to what you want to achieve.

6. List the steps that you must take to fulfill each of those three intermediate goals.

7. Now, put on your snowshoes and start walking.


1. My purpose in life is to be benevolent.

2. To be benevolent, and to give much, I want to be successful in business.

3. My intermediates goals are to:

A. learn about business in general,

B. learn how to start a business and

C. to actually start the business.

4. Steps I will take:

a. I will go to college and major in business and finance.

SBA 2b. I will talk to bankers and build to them and take special training on how to start a business offered locally, and I will go to and prepare a business plan. I will look into franchising as an alternative.

c. I’ll get an SBA insured loan at my local bank so that I can follow my business plan and create my new business.


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