Thought for the day January 20, 2015: Crop Failure

farmer 1Crop Failure

Why do our projects go awry? Why can’t we finish what we get started? Well, it’s like crop failure.

When I lived in the state of Iowa, an old farmer said he didn’t plant his corn until the lilacs bloomed. If he planted sooner, the young clients might get caught in a spring frost and die. If he planted too late, he would miss part of the growing season and might miss the spring rains.

He didn’t have to water his crop in Iowa. There was always a threat of a drought, but that seldom happened.

farmer 2Out Here in Idaho

Here in Idaho, we have to rely on winter rains and snow and water to our reservoirs so that we can irrigate during the growing season. Sometimes we get short of water in the fall of the year that we usually get a good crop. It is sometimes out of our control to prevent failure.

Back to the Corn

Before our Iowa farmer planted his corn, he had to prepare his fields. He plowed his fields in the fall so that they could accept winter moisture. During the growing season, he fertilized his fields and protected the corn from weeds and insects.

The Harvest

As with here in Idaho, in the fall he waited until the moisture content of the corn dropped before he harvested it. He hoped for a dry period so that he could harvest without loss due to high moisture content.

farmerWhy Some of Our Projects Fail

A project can fail if we lose interest in it. That can be for a number of reasons. Perhaps we can see that we are not going to gain the result that we expected. Perhaps we couldn’t get the help needed to finish the project. Perhaps we lacked the knowledge to do it properly. Maybe we just got off to a bad start.

To Prevent Failure


farmer 3I think the main thing to prevent failure is that we start our project on a firm basis of understanding and project management. We make sure that we are prepared before we start.


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