Thought for the Day January 10, 2015: I’m Going Crazy!

GLOBE GUYOur Complicated World

Now, back when I was a boy, you’ve heard that before, we didn’t have what we have now:

1. So much damned noise.

2. A car that wasn’t on blocks.

3. A radio that worked for more than a month before a tube went out.

4. A clothes dryer.

5. A dishwasher.

6. A television.

7. A computer or anything else with solid-state electronics.

8. A pot to…

9. A way to stop polio.

10. Credit cards.

TV NewsThe only way we can get away from all of this crap now is to go camping where there are no other campers around. With endless commercials and news spikes, we are inundated with stress generators from around the world.

We have stress generators even in the car, loud music music blasts us, usually from another car. The thumping base can be nerve-racking. And there is the mind numbing traffic is some areas.

crazy manAnd this week with the terrorist attacks in Paris, no wonder we are all going crazy.

I suggest ear plugs!


P.S. And we still are in the football playoffs. How much football can we stand?

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