Thought for the Day: Anne Frank

Anne Frank

Anne Frank

It’s really a wonder that I haven’t dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. Anne Frank (courtesy of

AF 1And finally I twist my heart round again, so that the bad is on the outside and the good is on the inside, and keep on trying to find a way of becoming what I would so like to be, and could be, if there weren’t any other people living in the world. Anne Frank (courtesy of

af 2Boys will be boys. And even that wouldn’t matter if only we could prevent girls from being girls.
 Anne Frank (courtesy of

The young Jewish girl who hid from the Germans in Holland during WWII and kept a dairy until they hauled her off and murdered her in a concentration camp left us a legacy of wisdom and history. What other teenage girl is often quoted?


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