Thought for the Day: A New Year! A New You!

Lesson For Life

Lesson For Life

If you list the areas of your life now, such as appearance, performance at home, work, church, etc, relationships and how you may appear to other people, then you list changes that you will want to make during the year (especially for how you are with your family, then you will see a New You develop during the year.

You will see a great overall change in you.

For example:


1. How do I look to others? Do I appear to be neat and clean?

2. Do I dress appropriately for occasions and at work?


3. Am I polite to others? Do I listen more than speak? Am I kind?

4. Do others think that I’m rude or egotistical? Am I?


5. Do I help other people in need? Are your older neighbors safe? They are not hungry or freezing are they?

6. Am I taking care of the needs of my children? Do I take an interest in their activities? Do I help them with their schoolwork?

At Work

The following video shows how to continuously improve things at work. It is little long but you can just scroll toward the end for the steps:

Taking Care of Yourself

7. Do I eat, drink and sleep properly. Do I live a healthy lifestyle?

8. Do I follow my doctor’s advice? Do I take my medications as scheduled?

9. Do I take care of my teeth properly?

Well, you get the idea.

Build a New You this year!



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