Though for the Day September 29, 2014 Now Something Completely Different

HCI logoDo you remember Monty Python and His Flying Circus? They had a segment that said, “Now Something Completely Different.” Doing something different can add a new dimension to your life.

Bush Rescue WWII

Former President Bush II was shot down over the Pacific in WWII. He was a combat pilot in a Torpedo flying a VT-51 Avenger. To read about the event, CLICK HERE!

To do something completely different, President Bush II has been jumping out of airplanes, skydiving and floating down in a parachute. In the shots I’ve seen, he is attached to an instructor for safety.

Anyway, jumping out of airplanes at his age is not something different, it is Something Completely Different. Damned if I would do it (maybe).

If you do something that you have not done before, you add a new perspective to your life.

Try flying a glider or plane. Buy a  Flight Manual.

Decide to create a cartoon.

Write a humorous poem taken from your life. (SEE MINE!)

Grow your states longest horse radish.

Start a new website about you.

Go to China. See the Great Wall. Throw rocks at imaginary northern nomadic tribesmen.

Alaska Trip 1bearsKATMdenali_aug13 Go to Alaska and take a float trip to fish for Silver Salmon. (I did this last year. Highly recommended.)

Take up photography. Concentrate on ants and bees.

Learn to yodel.

Do Something Completely Different!





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