Though for the Day: Best Thansgiving Day Thoughts

support groupWhat most people are thinking about today is being with their family and pigging out on Thanksgiving dinner. And they will be planning their evening and gearing up to head out for Black Friday.

I’m not sure who added this disgrace to Thanksgiving Day but I certainly know why. It’s called greed.

This is the day we should be thinking about helping others. Bill Gates said that Cyber Monday was really supposed to be in thinking about others and helping them. But I don’t know anybody who thinks about Cyber Monday as being anything other than a mother Black Friday where merchants stick their grubby hands into your pockets.

I think they should call it Shakedown Day. That is the day the merchants grab you by the hills and shake the very last dimes, nickels and pennies out of your pockets.

I think that Boxing Day in England may have changed somewhat. It was actually the return day for merchandise you got at Christmas that did not suit you. I’m sure that many of us do that today. The day after Christmas in the United States will be another big sales day to be followed on the one on New Year’s Day, which is big for white goods like bed sheets and towels.

Today in our town, folks will be going down to the senior center to have a free Thanksgiving meal. My family will be there too, not to eat, but to serve the meal. It is part of my grandsons Eagle Scout project. Maybe today would be a good day to think about the down and out, old people, needy children and such and to think about what you and your family might do for some of them at Christmas time.

That will get you thinking right!

Okay! Think about it while you’re waiting in the Black Friday lines for the store doors to open.


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