The Sky Is Falling!

So many things at once.

The Korean jet crash in San Francisco, the horrible train wreck and fire in Canada, and the slaughter in Egypt.


We live in a dangerous world.

What is going on?

I guess it is just “business as usual.”

We live on a dangerous planet in a dangerous universe. But things look too close for comfort.

The Korean crash caused much misery. Many are still hurting, some are paralyzed, many neck and back injuries. The two sixteen-year-old Chinese girls were on their way to a summer camp. They reported that one was probably killed by an emergency vehicle racing to the scene. Both were outside the plane. I wonder if they were both killed in that manner. Their parents are racing to the United States, a very sad journey in deed.

This was evidently a preventable accident. I guess there is little doubt about that.

The horrible streets of fire in Canada is beyond my imagination. I heard that 40 people were killed. I think of their agonizing deaths. Holocaust!

Egypt is a very dangerous situation that may erupt into a civil war. I will be surprised if it doesn’t. Such an unsettled place on this globe. And the media can’t seem to wait for war. It makes great news.

I don’t like to criticize the media but they do, at times, seem to be warmongers. If not that, at least agitators. They are not satisfied with reporting the news. They want to be news makers.

I sorrow at the horrible loss of life on our planet. Those nineteen “hotshots’ that died in Arizona died for a purpose, not by accident but because they were willing to risk there lives to fight fires that destroy our forest and our homes. When worked at a museum as a volunteer in Arizona, there was a monument in Payson where thirteen fire fighters died. They were prison imamates who were willing to risk their lives. One was there supervisor. They were not paid to fight fires. They simply wanted to help put the fire out.

We had a second fire in Payson when I lived there. My church fed people and supplied them with things they had lost or could not reach because of the fire. After a week, the Red Cross showed up and one of their “hot shots” stared bossing everybody around. One of our prominent citizens made a telephone call and she was immediately removed from the scene. Then a cooperative effort continued. At the same time, the Salvation Army was doing what we did, later working with the Red Cross.

But forest fires however deadly are not like the sudden deaths sen in San Francisco, Canada and Egypt. They are not always caused by our fellow human beings. Nature, our universe, is unforgiving and unfeeling. We have to supply the forgiveness and the feeling.

We have to help our fellowmen as best we can.

God Bless the families of the dead and suffering.



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