The Military: So Much They Give!

I was watching a TV talent shows today (America’s Got Talent) and they presented a young man (Tim Poe), a veteran of Afghanistan. He stood in front of three judges (Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel)  with his guitar, a guitar of no great distinction, in fact it was a very inexpensive guitar. The man had come to the show because his wife encouraged him to do so. Here is a video of what occured:

The panel asked his name and his history. The bottom line was that he had been injured by a grenade in the war which caused both spinal and brain damage. He stuttered as he spoke and told his story. Then he sang with no stuttering as singing is therapy for stuttering. His  therapist had told him to sing in the shower.

He sang beautifully. If I were a Nashville music promoter I would immediately sign him up and have him create his first album. The panel felt about the same way.

But I was touched and tears came down my eyes. In fact the whole audience was crying. From my Korean War combat experience I know how hard flying shrapnel is on the human body. We all know how hard it is to recover from such injuries. When someone does, we are grateful to God for the healing powers He has put into our bodies and the medical people who care for the injured.

Howard said the young man was fortunate to be alive. The young soldier said that he was fortunate to be there on the stage. We were all fortunate to hear him sing.

We are fortunate to have young men like this young man who give so much in the Service of our Country.


P.S. ALERT: Media claims that Poe never was injured in Afghanistan, that that his story is false. That is so sad because there are so many true stories. We don’t need lies. JTJ
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