Syria Turmoil Solution

Ted Olean of MN on my left were forward observers CO D, 17th InfantryThe President said that if Syria continued to or started to use WMDs, the country would respond. He put on his Commander and Chief hat and took action to punish Syria for using sarin nerve gas by killing a lot more Syrians.

He is reluctant to do that and he does not have the support of the American People. So he seems to be embracing the Russian plan to control deadly WMDs so that sarin nerve gas will not be used again on the Syrian people.

So maybe the President won’t have to pour gasoline on the Syrian fire.


Some day the U.S. will learn to use more diplomacy than military power. We have all these wonderful weapons that must be used. Every time we use them, we lose. Slaughtering people never solves anything.


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Note: Ted Olean on my left and I were forward observers for 81 mm mortars on Hill 1243, Korea 1951, Co. D, 17th Infantry Regimental Combat Team. John

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