Playing Dead in Syrian Massacre

The criminal situation in Syria is so bad that even the Russians condemn it. Many countries have sent Syrian diplomats a home packing but the killing and maiming goes on.

According to the Associated Press, a Syrian lad of eleven years named Ali el-Sayed of Houla played dead as bearded men with shaved heads massacred women and children. Shaking with fear, Ali covered his body with the blood of his six-year-old brother who died from bullet to his head and back. The slaughtering team passed Ali by.

More than 100 people were murdered in this small village of farmers and olive growers. They were mainly women and children who were shot or stabbed to death. President Bashar Assad has now caused the death of over 13,000 individuals like Ali and  his family and his neighbors.

The killings were credited by the UN to Assad’s henchmen called Shabiha. Meanwhile. our State Department hasn’t been able to determine what is going on. They know there are a number of groups involved in the resistance but they don’t know what their politics is. The United States is afraid to arm any of the groups not knowing what will happen in the long term and not wanting to increase the bloodshed.

Meanwhile, John McCain wants to send in our air forces to shoot up the government supported rebels.  Romney says that the situation shows President Obama’s incompetence (as if Obama caused the problem.) Since Romney sounds very hawkish, I assume he would take military action to add to the carnage. President Obama must do something. How about NATO getting involved? Why isn’t he blasting Syria at the UN? Maybe President Obama can use one of those killer drones to get Assad.

What ever happens, it just means more deaths. Once the politicians get a real war going, the deaths will pile up and human suffering will build. And then, these things are contagious. What country will be next? Sometimes I think we should just leave things alone. In this case, the escalating number of deaths dictates action.

When did the Lord say he was coming back?


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