101 Year Old Zip Liner

How old is old? We have a new  zip line in Twin Falls. It zips you across the Snake River Canyon in a flash. I’ve wanted to get on that line and I do plan on taking that Big Ride. I’m 80 years old and I was wondering if they would even let me on the thing. Then we had this television blurb about Dorothy Custer who is 101 years old taking the zip. She said that she wants to go sky diving like her granddaughter but that she would break a leg. But she saw no problem with the zip line so she went with her harmonica strapped around her head as she played the darn thing all away across the canyon.

Video Link: http://www.kmvt.com/news/local/101-Year-Old-Woman-Rides-the-Twin-Falls-Zip-Line-155842875.html

We old folks are not dead nor incapable of doing some things like taking a zip line or parachuting out of an airplane. President George Bush I went sky diving, be held snuggly in the arms of an instructor, The WWII hero who crashed in the Pacific and his wife, Barbara, are busy people. George I and Barbara and George II and his beautiful wife, Laura, will be at the White House with President and Michelle Obama soon as the portraits of George II and Laura are revealed.

Who says we are too old? I have to decide which of my harmonicas to take.


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