On Friday, January 12, 2015: You Are You and Only You

Dr. Seuss Quotation

Dr. Seuss Quotation

You Are A Special Creation

We are all different creations so we influence one another globally. Let’s make sure that influence is good.

I was at a family reunion a few years ago and my cousin Billy was there. I hadn’t seen him since we were in high school. I swear I was looking and talking to myself. Billy and I were like clones of each other. Yet we were quite different in many ways that did not show. Our lives had gone in different directions. Billy look like me, talk like me and laughed like me. But really wasn’t me. He died a while back and part of me died with him. We’ve had so much fun together in our youth.

Each of us is different. Some of us have special talents. Some of us are very bright, others not quite so bright. Our physical makeup is different. How to respond to things can be very different. Part of it is the culture surrounding us. Some of it is ingrained at birth.

This diversity in people gives us a diversified world. Contributions come from every part of the globe. You never know where a God placed spark in someone is going to burst into flame. It may be for good or for evil. That always brings change.

Bob Hope

Bob Hope

I didn’t know Bob Hope or Winston Churchill or Pres. Truman yet each of them changed by life. We can say that of many people that became famous. That we are changed by our family and associates just as much. Our teachers have a great influence on us.

We need to realize that we are making changes in others. Let’s make sure that they are for the good.


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