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Some of my readers may want to start a home business on the Internet. The object is to find a niche market, a small market in a larger market, where you can apply your skills, education and passions.

Getting started is difficult if you don’t have someone to give you instructions. However, most of the information you need is free on the Internet. Just stay away from the gurus.

The gurus are a problem for new Internet marketers because they drain them dry, using their sales funnel to empty their pockets. It has happened to many of us and will continue to happen if we are not aware of their tactics.

Some gurus are experienced marketers that have found that selling their skills can be very profitable. Others are just copy cats who do not lie in a mansion, do not have trophy wives and do not drive a car that will start on cold mornings. The later sleep by their computers and do not work a 15 minute day. Either way, a guru is your competition if you are in the money-making niche of marketing.

This is not a good niche for most beginners. Choose some other passion in the following three areas:

1. Relationships

2. Health and Beauty

3. Expensive Hobbies and, as I say, avoid

4. Money and Wealth

My free book will show you how to join WAU free in a life-time Start-Up Membership. You will have two completely free websites and you will have the Start-Up Training need to make money.

WAU is Wealthy Affiliate University where members attend classrooms, study tutorials, watch WAbinars, blog and chat with each other, getting the answers they need with no gurus hanging around. I have been a paid member for four years but you can join free, and like I said, get Start-up Training and two free websites and you will be able to chat with Kyle or Carson, the owners and with other members. I am tjbooks on chat so watch for me.


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