Michelangelo: David Is In There Somewhere!


I took Michelangelo four (4) or (5) five years to chisel David out of the marble slab. But he knew that God had put David in there and all he had to do was chisel around David to free him so all the world could enjoy that great piece of art.

I was in Florence years ago and we saw some of the art of the great Renaissance artist. There were three cities I loved in Italy, Pisa, Pompeii and Florence. Florence was my favorite. AH! FLORENCE.

In some way we are like that block of marble. We need to find out what God has hidden in there, the real. What is the real you?

How long will it take you to chisel away that which hides you from the world/ How much polishing will it take to make you a great work of art?

Can you educate yourself, develop your talents, seek and find what you have been looking for?

You are in there somewhere!


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