love in the family at home

DSCF0040The home should be a place where children and parents can feel love for each other.

There is enough crap outside the home for all of us. Just don’t take it inside the house.

We sometimes sing a song in church called, Love at Home. Here is a version of the song from YouTube:

My parents had seven children, three boys and four girls. My maternal grandmother lived in the home with us until she passed away in 1940. At times, my paternal grandparents lived with us.

My parents met at a sweetheart dance. Each thought that the other was from that locality. However they were both from different places from where the dance was held. So they looked for each other for a full year. Once they found each other, they never let go.

I remember my dad hugging my mother usually while she was making her famous gravy. Who wouldn’t? But there was always loving our home for each other.

My parents never argued once as far as I know. They were romantics who worshiped each other. Despite the great depression, my parents kept the trauma of the world out of our home.

We live in a world full of grief and strife. My father and my uncle were in World War I. My brother was in the World War II. My brother and I were in the Korean War. I can’t remember a time in my life when we were not thinking about war.

I remember when Hitler invaded Poland in 1939. I remember when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. I can even remember Japanese balloons flying over the United States killing a schoolteacher and some children in the Northwest. I thought that the Japanese were going to invade the the West Coast, or at least try to.

jtj02In Korea, we visited an old farmstead where families have lived happily until the North Koreans came charging down taking away the young men and killing any resisters.

The farmhouse was locked octagonal in shape with an open area in the center where they cook their meals and enjoyed each other. The war destroyed all of that. The fields were barren, the people and animals were gone. There could be a factory there now for all I know.

One of the young man who served in my platoon in Korea lost two brothers and his father’s to the North Korean army. He didn’t know if they were alive or dead. He still had one brother at home, but while I was there, he fell under the train where he worked and was killed. That left his mother and his teenage sister alone in war-torn Seoul Korea.

When I got home from Korea, I received a letter saying that Ree Tay Hee had been critically wounded. His family was devastated by war.

I have been back to South Korea on business a couple of times. People there have their freedom and they know who gave it to them. When we came home from the Korean War, we were ignored. At least we were not spat upon like the Vietnam vets. Nowadays it is a big thing to honor veterans. That was started by veteran groups, not the public. But now it is big business to honor veterans and it is part of the propaganda of big companies and the government. Korea has always honored those who fought there.

I guess I got off on a tangent there. But I’m glad that South Korea is free and we intend to keep it free despite the moronic family governing North Korea.

Protect your children from evil outside the home. You can leave this by teaching them correct principles in the home.

Make love welcome in your home.

May God help you to be good parents.


John T Jones, PhD





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One thought on “love in the family at home

  1. Cyril Almond

    Hi John there is a church not all that far from me. One of the Pastors wives is Korean. when I go there she always thanks me for serving there. All these years afterwards. God Bless Cyril.


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