List of Activities

Activity Day Suggestions

Every family needs activities for physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Go swimming.
Go to a museum.
Visit your library together.
Go to the park & teach your dog to catch a frizbee(tm)
Take a hike.
Play touch football like the Kennedy’s.
Go horseback riding.
Go to the fair, rodeo, band concert.
Have a big birthday party.
Visit an older relative. Take a gift.
Visit an old folks home or care center. Talk to the patients. Sing them a song.
Clean the church grounds. Work in your yard together.
Clean the garage. Then go out for pizza.
Play golf with the children that are old enough.
Go fishing.
Take a short weekend vacation.
Drive to the city and stay overnight at a hotel, swim in the pool, visit the exercise room, tour the city.
Go to a baseball came.
Start a baseball or softball game in the park.
Clean an older persons yard.
Go on a day trip with the cub scouts.
Have a water balloon fight.
Slide down a hill on blocks of ice.
Play hide-go-seak or kick the can.
Go to the planetarium.
Visit a theme park.
Bake cookies and take them to your friends.
Have a hot dog roast (weenie roast)
Put a flag pole in the yard. Fly the colors.
Build an outdoor barbecue or fountain.
Hop on the bikes and take a long ride.
Go to a movie.
Rent a movie and make popcorn.
Buy some fish and set up an aquarium.

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