Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home

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Many of us are strapped for cash at one time or another. A college student might need a certain book that is very expensive as books go. A teenager might be strapped for spending money. A housewife might need a little money for a few extras around the house. And some need a lot more money to get by on. There are legitimate ways to make money from home.

Let’s break it down a bit:

A. We need money for the short term and we need it right now.

B. We need a permanent inflow of cash to sustain us.

Here are some ways to make money fairly quickly:

1. Sell Some of Your Stuff

A. Short-term

Most of us have stuff around the house that we could live without. You might even have an extra bicycle, sled or even an extra car. But for sure, we usually have some extra clothing around and household gadgets. These items can be sold on eBay or Amazon, at a yard sale, or to stores that buy used items in your area. They can also be sold on Craigslist and by running small ads in the local free-add newspapers.

B. Longer Term

You can buy stuff at yard sales and in thrift shops and from these paper ads, etc., that you can sell in your yard sales or eBay or Amazon.com. If the items are considered antique, you can sell them on ETSY or other such website that provides you a web store.

For years I sold books that I purchased at yard sales and estate sales on Amazon.com and on a Alibris.com. I stocked these books in my plastic containers from Wal-mart in my garage.

I notice now that many books are sold on Amazon just for the shipping. If you pay $.10 for a book and sell it for shipping of about $3.60, you can usually ship it for $2.72 and you have a new customer. (I wrote a book on selling books online some years ago: “How to Buy Books for Pennies and Sell Them for Dollars,” Send me $2.00 in cash only to TJBooks, 213 3rd Ave N., Buhl, Idaho 83316 and I will send it out the same day.)

I think the first book I sold online was the Birds of New Mexico. I bought it for about $.50 and sold it for $150.00. I have a friend in New Jersey who makes a his living just by selling antique books that sell for at least $8.00.

For years I sold books from my own website at https://www.bizland.com/. I had my own domain but I used their web template. The first thing I noticed was that this company has methods to drive traffic to your site. I never had to do any site promotion and the cost including eCommerce (and link credit cards, etc.) was very low. of course there was some cost involved.

2. Sell Your Services

Can you babysit, care for a pet, shovel snow, cut lawns, collect junk, drive people around or provide some other service to your friends and neighbors?

When I was little kid, my friend, Paul, came over to my house and said, “John, get your wagon.”

We walked west on the highway out of Salt Lake picking up bottles as we went. The first thing I learned was that Paul was selective about which bottles we would put into the wagon. They were the ones that had a deposit connected with them.

When the wagon was full, we pulled it back into town and took it to the grocery store where we sold bottles for deposit.

I thought that it was time to blow the money, but Paul had other ideas. We pulled the wagon down to the junkyard and Paul purchased bottles from the junk lady. We bought them for three or four cents and sold them for a nickel. We repeated this process until the store manager said, “No more bottles!”

I learned from Paul that day that he had done this before and that the local drugstore would no longer buy bottles from him because they were just too many to handle.

I have friends who collect aluminum can scrap metal and sell them to dealers. It’s a quick way to earn money.

Uber.com will set you up to be a driver in your area: https://get.uber.com/drive/?invite_code=8429wqtyf&gclid=Cj0KEQiAxMG1BRDFmu3P3qjwmeMBEiQAEzSDLutSmZCoWRcxsqzU2BR-pmwg-pR2mVWtjcCxDi2J_CQaAlmp8P8HAQ I haven’t tried this so you are on your own.

B. Longer Term

Are you a stenographer, accountant, fortune teller, etc. Maybe you can provide these services from your home.

After I retired, I did some engineering consulting from my home. Of course it took me from here to there and I did consulting in Columbia and then Ecuador and sent another engineer to Egypt to handle a job there for me.

If you have special skills, then you can make money from home. You can sell your writing or artistic or other skills on Fivver.com. I sometimes use the services of people at Fivver.com: https://www.fiverr.com/?u_sou=google&u_med=cpc&u_cam=brand/ge_sh_bd_us&u_ter=one-fiverr_(exact)&u_con=AdID^92755419688^Keyword^fiverr^Placement^^Device^c&gclid=Cj0KEQiAxMG1BRDFmu3P3qjwmeMBEiQAEzSDLnPxOkYDrU55t0O9T5DKvQGq4YO_USUBnwTn7_UZsbcaAr3r8P8HAQ

I have had artwork and some writing done (when I’m too busy.)

Can you design webpages.

You can sell your services at Fivver.

3. Make Your Own Stuff

A. Short Term

Two of my granddaughters make a full-time living selling products that they create themselves (They have to. Their husbands are in college). They often take an order in the morning and have it shipped by that afternoon even though they had to make the particular order.

ETSY handles their orders: http://www.etsy.com/ It will take you a few hours to get set up with an ETSY store, borrow a camera, and add your items.

My ETSY store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MyStuffy

A young friend of mine made a key-holder in my kitchen and put it on  ETSY the same day. He has sold many of these key holders. (He also has a website where he gives stuff away charging only shipping and handling. When he takes in order, he then orders it from China and has it sent directly to the customer.)

B. Long Term

You can build a viable business by selling your own stuff. You could also be a distributor for manufacturers. For years I sold flagpoles and had them drop shipped from the manufacturer. You will need a website to create a web presence but you can also sell locally.

There may be manufacturers in your area that you can represent and become a distributor. It is always best to have your own products, products that you control. That often means that you should make your own products or have been manufactured for you under your control.

Note: If you have a local business, taking it online may increase your income dramatically.

4. Become an Internet Marketer

We have mentioned this above in regard to your own products. Here I’m talking about representing other suppliers who will pay you a commission if you send someone to their website who buys a product. This is called affiliate marketing.

You will need some training for affiliate marketing.

The best training is at Wealthy Affiliate of which I have been a member for over eight (8) years. There, you will learn to find a market (called a niche market), build a website with WordPress, add pages that are important to your site such as privacy and about, and add pages and post to your site.

You will learn how to bring traffic to your site.

In other words, you will learn how to create an Internet business of your own.

You can join Wealthy Affiliate at no cost. WAU will give you two (2) free websites which do not require you to buy a domain name. They will train you to become an affiliate marketer.

There is no time limit to your free membership.

You can become a premium member come close premium member but there is a charge of $47 a month. However, I always pay annually which cost me about half that. Besides I pay a lower membership cost because they never raise the cost of your individual membership. (Also I earn enough promoting JAAXY, their keyword tool, and WAU memberships to pay my annual tuition. Many members to this.)

But you don’t have to become an annual member to gain the benefits of WAU. You can just join as a Premium Member for a few months so that you have access to some of the important tutorials. At any rate, it is much less expensive than a college course (which is usually useless).


That’s enough for now on the subject. You can wake up and go to work. lol

You can contact me at: johntjones31@yahoo.com


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