Laugh for Good Health

What is the best medicine?

Laughter of course!

Laughter is the best medicine.

Did you here the joke (which again I have modified) about the golfer who had autographed golf balls with his name, Fred, on them? He hit a ball onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike causing a bus to swerve and turn over just avoiding a motorxcycle but causing twenty cars to plow into the bus and each other.

Fred’s partner, George, said, “Oh, My God, Fred! Look at that!”

After a few minutes they could see the baggy pants and brimmed hat of a highway patrolman coming toward them.

The patrolman eventually got up to them and held up the ball and said, “Which one of you is Fred?”

Fred nodded, still holding his golf club, a Number 3 Driver.

The patrolman took the driver and said, “That’s quite a slice you have, Fred. Hold the club more like this!

Red Skelton

A man suffering from cancer said that he overcame pain by watching old screen clips of Red Skelton. Pain therapy is in the realm of two of my sons, one who does nothing but treat pain. My son knows that prescriptions are not the only answer.

Try Laughter!


Harry Potter

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