Isn’t It Wonderful the Way Our Government Functions?

What I should have said is how it doesn’t function. Sometimes I think the criteria for being an elected politician is Stupidity.

You have recently seen how these buffoons perform. It is a National Disgrace.

While they were playing their games of “moronmenship,” .thousands of workers were put out on the street. Some families of veterans who died in Afghanistan were punished by the Congress. (Did you like my new word? Was it fitting?)

Of course, after Congress has stepped in their own dung, they restored important benefits to the veteran’s families. They were very indignant about their own work!

So the federal workers got a paid vacation. The government is working for a few months more. And then we will be back in the hog’s mire as they try to get an extended solution to debt and spending.

We are the laughing stock of the world!

But we Americans are not laughing.



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