Is Steven Hawking Right? There is no God!

Is Steven Hawkingright? He says there is no God and therefore, no hereafter. Bound to his wheelchair and paralyzed he can talk only through his computer but his magnificent mind works perfectly. In that sense, he is free.

Some years ago, I emailed Steven Hawking and told him that his theory could not be right about the Big Bang unless the assumptions I was making where wrong. One of his assistance emailed me back and said that my assumptions were wrong.

Well, what else is new? I’m very good at making wrong assumptions. Just ask my children and grandchildren. My great grandchildren so far have not made a statement on that subject, but I’m sure they will.

The Big Bang theory states that the universe was created from nothing and that space was created everywhere at once. That is when the clock started clicking. Time did not exist before the Big Bang. Dr. Hawking says now that nothing existed before the Big Bang because time did not exist. So God does not exist.

He also says that the “hereafter” will not be here after because there is no God.

We are all doomed!

But the Good Doctor says that this life is beautiful in itself, and that despite his deformities, he is grateful for it. I’m not sure to whom he is grateful. I am grateful to someone when I’m grateful and that Someone is God. But he does not feel sorry for himself, being almost totally afflicted. I praise him for that.

God Bless you and yours, Dr. Hawking!

It’s Just a Theory!

There is no reason for anyone to get upset about what Hawkingsays about God and Life After Death. Not everyone agrees with him.

I know the Creationist will go out of their mind. That is common for them, so let it go at that. They will give fifty reasons why Steven Hawking is wrong.

Why don’t I panic about this? If he is right, I won’t know about it.

But why I’m really not upset about what he says is that he is as authoritative as a preacher or a Sunday School teacher but he is talking from his theory, not from fact.

For one thing, the cosmologist say that there could be many universes. Maybe God was sitting on one when he caused the creation of another. Hmm! So there, Dr. Hawking.

No, I’m not going back further than that. A speculation is sufficient unto itself. (It must say that somewhere.)

Maybe God moved his headquarters into our universe. Maybe he didn’t because our universe is a deadly place.

Our earth has had six (6) extinction periods, so the scientist say.

Why it hasn’t had more, I’m not sure.

In my life we have been at war for over one-third of the time. Many millions have died and more have suffered.

We still have those hellish nuclear weapons.

We still have earthquakes, floods and ugly winds.

We still are poisoning our planet.

Wasn’t that a tsunami wave that hit Japan last year?

Didn’t the Icelandic volcanoes stop air traffic a few years ago?

Wasn’t I flying over the wrong place at the wrong time when the accident at Chernobyl took place?

Wasn’t I exposed to radiation from the atomic blast in Nevada some years back? Some folks in Utah and here in Idaho are still suffering from that.

Wasn’t I exposed to asbestos, beryllium oxide and DDT which they sprayed all over me in Korea to kill the fleas that could give me bubonic plague for which I had been vaccinated. I never saw a flea in Korea.

We have other things to worry about.

Besides, we all know that there is a God because the scriptures tell us so.

Stay Happy!


P.S. I wonder what God thinks about all this.


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3 thoughts on “Is Steven Hawking Right? There is no God!

  1. Mark

    I never thought about the multiple universe thing. Are they somewhere beyond the cotton boundary. I think we talked about this when I was five.

    1. admin Post author

      I don’t know what a “cotton boundary” is. But some cosmologist talk about multiple universes. Each universe may have its own set of physical laws. I guess since God figured out where to place this one, I guess he could do the same again. By definition (man’s) he can do this. What I am looking for is a perfect universe, not another like this deadly monster. Anyway, the “New heaven and a new earth” in my mind, would be perfect. But what do I know about such things? Dad

      1. admin Post author

        By the way, when you were five, I could beat you at chess. Until recently, I could beat “myself” on the computer. Now I’m fulfilling the three (3) Laws of Thermodynamics:

        1. You can’t win.
        2. You can’t even break even.
        3. You are not even in the game.

        Gamblers should remember those laws.



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