How to Prosper: The First Psalm of David

I think we will start this lesson with a video. Why not? I made it just for you:

Everyone wants to succeed in life. Some think only in terms of money but others have more important concerns. It starts early. Do you remember when you wanted to ride a bike? The older kids made it seem so easy, gliding along faster than your tricycle if you were fortunate enough to have one (I wasn’t).

I remember how hard it was to learn, falling and then getting up and trying again. But then you stayed up for just a few yards. You had made the grade. You were a success. It was easy to improve on that little success of riding without falling on your head for a few yards.

My wife, my eleven-year-old son and I in 1984 were watching a would-be-windsurfer in Cornwall England. The wind was a gale and he kept trying to ride that board–but the wind whipped him around like he were a feather, the sale wrapping around him–the wind tossing him into the surf.

I could almost hear the wind laughing at him. “Ha, ha, ha you Dumb Oaf!”

But he never gave up. He rested a while but went right back into the water.

But he never succeeded.

When I was learning to ride a bike, someone held the bike as I made each attempt. It may have been my sister or a friend. I can’t remember. But the surfer had no mentor, no one to show him the ropes. And he also needed a calmer day, a simpler situation to learn from.

But he was determined and he would be back.

In the Psalm, David talks about being planted by the river of water that nourishes the tree through its roots making it strong and fit to bloom. We all need that, a foundation for success based on knowledge and wisdom and the truth.

If we are to be blessed with success to the point to prospering where we want to prosper, then we need to know the law on which such achievements are based. We need to learn what are limitations are so that we can overcome them or evade them or in some way get around them. Maybe we have to change are target, but we still can succeed and if we succeed we can prosper.


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