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F 1The Family and Society

The family is the most important thing in determining the behavior of a society because as that core unit behaves, the society will behave.

If family members are fighting amongst themselves, then the society will rise up as a nation and bring terror and war on other nations. If the family members are benevolent and kind to each other, then you may have a benevolent nation.

F 2The stability of the family is very important. If either the man or the woman leaves the family, then there will be problems. That is true of animal families too. The dominant male lions must help protect the pride from intruding males. If the dominant males lose that battle, all of their cubs will be killed by the victorious lions so that the victors can breed with the females and start their own progeny.

In human society we too often have a self-centered maniac take over and lead the country to war.

Adolph Hitler As a Boy

Adolph Hitler As a Boy

Adolph Hitler

Hitler is an example of this.

He failed at even having a chance of becoming an artist or architect, so he went into politics.

Winston Churchill November 1874 – 24 January 1965

Winston Churchill November 1874 – 24 January 1965

Hitler was a brave soldier in World War I. His rank was corporal. One thing he did on the line was deliver messages. He may of thought that that made him superior to his generals. and fortunately for the world. His errors in judgment helped Germany lose the war, for which we all must be grateful.

But Hitler was a successful tyrant because he understood the German people and he knew how to use propaganda to reach his horrifying goals. He cost the lives of many millions of people from numerous nations. In our parlance, he was an ass.

Hitler, like many Germans, was angry about the terms placed on Germany after WWI. He got his revenge when he subdued France and made the French Government sign papers in the same train car that was used after WWI for that purpose.

Hitler’s Early Life

To understand why Hitler murdered so many Jewish people, read about his early life at: http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10007430

Although there is always the individual from good families that goes amuck, that is seldom the case. But when it does happen, there can be serious troubles.

Hitler was illegitimate and he didn’t get along with his step father. Hitler was already five years old when his mother first married. His stepfather and mother both died when he was a young man so there was no parental or family restraints on Hitler.

If there had of been parental guidance, at that point in time, he may have had them assassinated. There was nothing to get in his way.

Hitler’s family was not stable. What little finances he had gained from his family, he used unwisely and ended up in poverty. He made some money from his art, but politics was his way out of poverty (just as it was for my father during the Great Depression).

In the films of Hitler we see him hugging babies and children. Maybe he did like babies and children. But he was probably just putting on a show. He killed many thousands of children during his hideous reign of terror.

Hitler’s Death

Hitler didn’t have time for family. He married Eva Braun only at the time of their deaths. He tested a cyanide capsule on his dog. Then he shot himself while biting a cyanide pill. He ended up in a ditch with his soldiers pouring gasoline over him and setting a fire.

I’m sure that many Christians and Jews think that he is still burning in hell.

Merry Christmas to You and Your Family!

Merry Christmas to You and Your Family!

That is a sad legacy for Adolf Hitler and the world. What if he had been raised in a loving home where his talents could have been developed and he could’ve been successful in some vocation where he would have done harm to no one. The world would be a much different place today because Hitler did change the world, mainly for the worse.

Be kind to your children and love them and sustain them. It will make a better world.


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