Have a Jolly Good Holiday Season!

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Pat is not able to so I’ll give a combined Holiday Greeting for both of us. She is under good care here at home by Georgia H. and my granddaughter, Lucy and, of course, me. We are glad she can still joke with us at times and be taken care of properly. She is becoming younger everyday. I think she is about 18 months now.

I got out of the house a couple of times this year. We went to Alaska in August and had a great time. Pics are linked at the site.

Last weekend I went to Dummyville, Washington DC. I was a gift to my granddaughter, Emily, by her parents. Why anyone would want an 82 year old man for a birthday present is beyond me. My son, Mark, and I went to the Air and Space museum and watched the Hubble movie in the IMAX theater. Emily and I went to the WWII, Korean and the Vietnam memorial. I am a  Korean War vet but a Vietnam vet at their memorial gave me a hug. Em and I went to the two art museums in the old U.S. Patent office. Later, the whole gang went to the Van Gogh replication museum. Mainly, we ate, Chinese, Italian, French and American.

I did a lot of Internet marketing this year but it never paid off much so I’m giving that up. I have been doing more painting and I’m getting worse every painting. I am self taught and I have a lousy teacher. However, my daughter, Alice, always goes for professional training even though she is professional and gets better with every painting.

Well, the drum beats. Life goes on for a while longer. I see the grim reaper out of the corner of my eye. I sick the dogs on him but he still come, ever plodding along. Still, I hope to go to Costa Rica soon to look at the birds. I have Australia in my bucket list but it is a fading dream. The place I want to go there is a National park on the northern tip but it is almost impregnable and there are Watch for Crocs and Keep Out signs. Fading, fading, fading.

Now is the time when we try to get together but I find that hard to do. I hope you will be able to stay close to your family during this Holiday Season.

Have a  Wonderful Holiday Season!

John and Pat Jones

Buhl, ID

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One thought on “Have a Jolly Good Holiday Season!

  1. Cyril Almond

    Hi John I did not realize that you were a Christian so am I. I have pastored churches in an unpaid position and now I am involved in a new fellowship not far from me. So God Bless and many blessing to you and yours. Cyril.


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