Guns Unlimited

Guns Unlimited

I’m 81 years old so I was raised on guns, especially because I was born and raised in the western United States.

Then we were all cowboys.

Then we were fighting in the trenches of WWI.

Then we were hoping to be old enough to fight in WWII before the war ended.

We were in the ROTC. We hunted all the time. We went shooting all the time.

We loved guns and we loved shooting things out of the air, out of trees, in the mountains, anywhere.

We hunted ducks, pheasants and deer. We loved to shot rabbits.


We played with rubber guns when we were kids.

That is the only time we shot each other!

And those rubber bands cut from an inner tube from a car tire, remember them, guess not, really hurt when they whipped into you.

The older boys shot people in WWII. My turn was in Korea.

I hated the killing.

I even felt for the families and loved ones of the Chinese boys we killed.

Occasionally a GI would shoot himself in the foot to get off the line.

That always infuriated the officers.

It made me sick, an MI blasting your own foot? Yuk!

I’m back in the West again after many years living east of the Rockies. Everybody out here has a gun in the house, except me. I have no guns. I sold them all years ago.

My son has a lot of guns. Like a lot of ;people in the West, they expect gangs from Chicago during a time of anarchy to come charging in, taking all their goods, raping their wives and children, and killing anyone who says boo to them.

My state of Idaho has a rule about gun ownership. It is this:

1. You must have some money to pay for it.

2. You must find a person who has a gun and is willing to sell it.

If you want to tote your gun under your underwear, you must have a cancelled weapons permit. They are very “difficult” to get. You have to take a course on gun safety given by every local gun shop.


Folks do shoot each other here in Idaho. The FBI had one hell of a shootout some years ago. Innocent people got hurt. It was at Ruby Ridge where an FBI sniper shot the wife of a Separatist. He was charged with manslaughter. A helping neighbor was charged with murder for shooting a sheriff.

We still live in the Wild West!

People shot people frequently here in Idaho. It is usually a handgun or hunting rifle rather than an automatic rifle. But there are plenty of automatic rifles here if those Chicago gangs ever get here.

Killing: I’m Against It!

We are big believers in gun safety here in Idaho. Some folks keep there guns under lock and key until they need it to shoot an unfaithful spouse or a neighbor that stole a cow.

John F. Kennedy

I was in graduate school when President Kennedy was shot in Dallas. John and Jackie came to Salt Lake City the day before.

I put my young son on my soldiers and watched him come down State Street in Salt Lake City. Later, I went to the Tabernacle and heard him speak, Jackie in her pink dress suit.

Two things bothered me. I had just read a novel about the assassination of a German officer during WWII (Heydrich).

What concerned me on State Street was that the buildings are very low. The bubble was removed from the limousine. I could see that a sniper could easily shoot him.

The other thing was that after his talk at the tabernacle, before there was a tunnel under the street from Temple Square to the Hotel Utah, his limousine was blocked at the Brigham Young Monument, then at in the middle of the intersection of Main Street and South Temple, by a crowd of hundreds of people, many trying to shake his hand.

The Secret Service guys were screaming at the crowd to clear the way. I realized that it was impossible to protect the President under those conditions. Anyone so disposed could have shot him or dropped a grenade in his lap.

And then, Dallas!

I am not fond of President Obama as President, but I do worry about the safety of him and his family.

The British

The British love to hunt as much as we do. They have shotguns and rifles and do what we do. But British police officers do not pack iron unless there is some emergency that comes up. It is for their safety and for the public;s safety.

In Britain, about 60 people are killed each year by gunfire.

That is a lot less than the 11,000 how are killed here.

What can we learn from the British?

Happy Hunting!



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