For the Day October 12, 2014 Be a Giraffe

giraffesWhen a giraffe moves, fast or slow, up or down, it is with a fluency that is the apex of grace. Many animals are graceful but on the common scale to me the giraffe is number one.

ballerinaGracefulness is thought to be a characteristic of women, especially ballerinas who glide across the stage with such swiftness and style that it boggles our minds. Men ballerinas too are graceful. We see it in tennis players and in other sports.

There is another grace that is harder to define than the grace of motion. We see it in thoughtful, kind men and women. It is not just holding the teacup with the pinkie sticking out. It is in their thoughts words and actions. A person may not be graceful as you first look at him or her, but you may soon find out that elegance makes him or her and elegant person.

Be a giraffe!


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