Cyber Scams and Other Swindles

Cyber scams are not new. Neither are scams in general by telephone, while you are shopping like the recent Target scam by computer hackers. It is hard to get away from it.

One thing you can do is never open emails from strangers and never open an attachment from anybody especially if it was forwarded. Such often contain computer viruses and worms and pesky malware.

Never give anyone your personal information by mail or by telephone or by email. Never!

Never pay out money so that you can receive a prize. If you get a letter saying you have won the Readers Digest Sweepstakes, burn it. There is no such thing. I called Readers Digest one time just to convince an older lady that she should send no money to Montreal or Toronto or such. She was always on a scam list worked by telephone crooks that pray on old people and who are all going to Hell.

People with mental problems are sometimes target.

People who recently lost a loved one are targeted.

If there is a perceived weakness, the scam artist will be working it.

If you think you are being scammed, call the police. They know most scams and will help you.

You can call your banker too.

You can call your child or a friend.

Just don’t get taken in. Too many folks open their bank accounts to scammers.

And if that “attorney for the estate” of a recent wealthy person says you are the recipient of $57,000,000.00 U.S., then forget it. You are not. Never answer such emails. Don’t even open them. Delete them.


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