Consideration and Judgement

Some years ago right after I got home from Korea and met my future wife, she said that a local political figure had come to her high school and told of his experiences in World War II. I listened to what she said and told her the man was not telling the truth. She didn’t believe me. Why should she?

Some years later the man was surprised by This is Your Life, the television show. The show told of all his war exploits. Very soon thereafter, just as recently happened to Sergeant Poe after his performance on America’s Got Talent, he was exposed as a fraud. The events described never happened.

Our Utah man was injured when he stepped on a mine. He was horribly wounded and crippled. I thought no less of the man. He laid in a veteran’s hospital in northern Utah and tried to justify his suffering. It couldn’t be just that he had stepped on a mine. He must have done something heroic. Well, he did something heroic but the stories he told were still not true.

The Republican Party showed him no mercy and destroyed his political career. They were very indignant.

Already some people are blasting Sergeant Poe. They are showing him no mercy. He was in Afghanistan and maybe he has some trauma from the experience that makes him tell tall tales.

We shouldn’t be too quick to judge others. I knew the nephew of the Utah man. He gave me an update on his uncle. He was given a broadcasting job on a local radio station.

What will now happen to our young sergeant friend. Is his career as a singer over? I hope not. But not being the hero he described will make him less attractive as an entertainer and he may be considered a mediocre singer because of it.

The sad thing is that neither of these two men needed to bare false witness. They both had all the talent they needed to succeed. They didn’t realize that.

Judge not, that ye be not judged.. Matt. 7:1


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