College: Is It Worth It?

It’s sad but college may be a losing proposition for some people. It might be better to learn a trade.

The reason is that the cost of college is out of sight and the student loans that many students take out are crippling.

My youngest son is still buried under student loans after having five kids and practicing as an attorney for over ten years. I am paying off one of his loans but he has many others. It is a horrible situation.

I know a few young people who paid all their college expenses by Internet Marketing. That can be tough now days because there is much competition and Google hates affiliate marketers. But some are still able to do it.

My granddaughter’s husband apprenticed in a business and then bought the business from the owner. He is working many hours but is doing well.

She and her sister make beanies for babies and sell them on on the Internet. They hire workers to make more beanies. They have been doing very well and her sister is a student as is her husband and both ladies have two kids.

My son sells flutes and whistles on the Internet and also herbs. He is a vet with two online businesses. He needs he extra dough to support his 15 kids, some married and in college.

    You need to make a living but avoiding college could keep you out of debt. But you do need a good alternative plan. The ideal is to be in business for yourself and there is plenty of free help for doing just that right in your community:
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Colleges and Universities
  • State Government
  • Federal Government
  • Business Clubs
  • Bankers
  • Local Business People
  • You can also consider a franchise but that takes financing.


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