Christmas: I’m Losing the Spirit

Pic: Christmas Time in Korea 1951. I’m with four ROK soldiers who brought our ammo and supplies up to the top of Hill 1243, the highest hill on the line. The marines were between us and the sea.

Black Friday is now Blacker Thursday. Crowds poured into Wat-Mart and all the other big name stores and pounced on gifts and on each other. My granddaughters were shopping at midnight.

Well, it has gone too far for this old man. I’m going to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on April 6 which is a lot closer to the time that Christ was born about 6 B.C. He was born before he was born. We know the flocks were in the fields so it was not at the time of the Winter Solstice celebrated by the Pagans.

I was told as a kid when there was not money for gifts that Christmas was too commercial. Later I was told it was getting even more too commercial. Well, I think we made the commercial limit. So what is the True Meaning of Christmas. More money for Wat-Mart and Sears and JCP and such?

I guess that is now the truth of the matter.


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