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Electronics for Beginners

Now Back When I Was a Boy!

When I was very young, my dad took my brother, Aaron, downtown in SLC. I tagged along. We went to a an electronics store and bought some copper wire and some insulators. Then we walked back home for a total distance of four (4) miles and Dad and Aaron strung a wire high overhead between the garage and the house. I was too little and two tired to help, but I was very excited. It was an aerial or what we call an antenna.

Inside, Aaron chipped a small piece from a piece of ore my grandfather had mined. Well, he hit it with a hammer. He put this on a wood board along with a coil and a variable capacitor. He hooked up his headphones and lo an behold, he could here the local radio stations.

I made many such crystal sets over the year. I looked around for junk radios and took the parts. I soon became an expert and my finest hour was when I made a radio that could clearly separate nine (9) stations.

Here was Englands finest hour at that time:

A Point Diode

To make a piece of metallic ore work in my radio, a small wire must be pointed into it. It formed what we now call point contact diodes. When my kids were young, I just bought diodes and used them instead of the ore.

But there was something fun about knocking out a miracle from a piece of ore in those early days.

I studied electricity as an undergraduate in college. Then as a graduate student, I studied not only electronics but the physics of the solid state which included many electronic devices we find common in this day.

I am an amateur radio operator so I still have an interest in electronics her in my mid eighties.

It cost me nothing to get started in electronics. So I’m giving you a link to a free course. I am also giving you details of a low-cost electronics course which will be more personal and more fun.

Free Online Electronics Course

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Greg Will Teach You Electronics and You Will Have a Lot of Fun!

Greg Will Teach You Electronics and You Will Have a Lot of Fun!

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4. And since this home study course is divided into two parts you’ll feel much more comfortable building electronic circuits and projects on your own successfully without needing help, because the second part is about hands on electronic project construction.


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