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Diabetes Free Type II Diabetes Cure



Watch this important video: Click Here!

How can I get rid of Diabetes. Well, the University of New Castle proved by instrumentation that subcutaneous fat which you can’t even see builds up on vital organs causing them to malfunction. The organs effected are kidneys, pancreas, liver, heart and such.

That means you must cut down or eliminate dairy and meat. You will need more fruit and vegetables. Try to lay off the sweets too, if they contain sugar.

One thing that helps too is just too eat less. Eating less and exercise can help you lose weight and that always helps those with Type II Diabetes.

I got my Type II Diabetes under control by using a modified New Castle Diet. It took six weeks because I didn’t starve myself, but I cut out the dairy and excess fat. My blood sugar did nothing until the end of the six week program and then in a day or two it dropped to normal. I had to get rid of the subcutaneous fat  first.



The New Castle study brought the blood levels back to normal in two weeks and that after eight weeks, the diabetes was in control. But only a guinea pig can last that long on their horribly skimpy diet. I talked to them and they guided me on my six week cure.

Watch the video and try this approach: Click Here! The video is not the New Castle University diet but the principles are similar and you won’t starve to death.

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PS: I had neuropathy but for which I was taking alpha lipoic acid (600 mg) but it went away after I had a stint and second aortic valve put in. My gout mostly went away too but I still take Michigan dried cherries on occasion.

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