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bathroom 4 bathroom 3 bathroom 2 bathroom 1To See the Video at Bathroom Remodeling University, Click Here!

My number 3 son remodeled his bathroom while his wife was away to surprise her. It was too bad he didn’t watch the video at Bathroom Remodeling University. If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom you can save a lot of money and do a professional job. Just watch the video now: Click Here!

When you Join for the Bathroom Remodeling University right now, here is some of what you’ll learn when you watch these bathroom remodeling training videos:

How to exactly Install all of your new bathroom plumbing including all water and drain line locations (8 intense Videos teach you how!)

Discover how easy it is to move fixtures like a toilet, vanity, or even your tub to a new location in the bathroom

Installing a new deluxe soothing jet tub in your new bath complete with a deluxe tile tub deck!

Discover the newest cutting-edge methods for installing brand new up-to-date water lines in your new bath

The expert trick to framing for your new bathroom design and layout

How to exactly tear-out your old shower or tub unit to make way for the beautiful new replacement

How to wire your bathroom light fixtures and GFI outlets safely and to code

Trim installation (3 very intense and very detailed videos!) for the average Joe! These videos make it easy anyone

How to professionally Tile your bathroom floor making for a lasting durable forever floor surface

Learn how to install a new shower faucet and shower head in any tub/shower from A to Z

How to incorporate, plumb and install two sinks (double sink set-up) in your bathroom design

How to remodel your bathroom in weeks not months…you have complete control over the timeline of your bathroom renovation, so you will never be at the mercy of painfully late contractors again!

How to install a new interior bathroom door like a pro! (Killer video!)

How to plumb a complete basement bathroom (6 hours of intense videos!)…this could save you thousands in the future whenever plumbing issues arise. This video series alone is worth the price of admission!

How to build a custom walk-in tile shower that will be the envy of your friends and family…complete A to Z! This 6 video series is awesome, and is packed with everthing you need to complete this tile shower project. Booya!
How to drywall your project from A to Z (5 amazing videos)enough info here to start a drywall business!

48 “how-to” tool training videos demonstrates all bathroom remodeling tools and their use in a bathroom remodeling project

Discover the #1 rookie mistake most people make when installing a new shower

Unlock the MOST IMPORTANT tactic to ensuring your shower has a water-tight seal. Don’t even try to install your shower without following this rule.

Discover how to avoid a plumbing leak disaster!

Learn the fastest and easiest way to install your new bathroom accessories for professional looking results!

A simple tip to avoid a drain leak! It is much easier and cheaper to know exactly how to avoid leakages than to fix leaks later.

Install a brand new standard tub with real tile walls that will turn an ordinary tub into an extroindinary tub from A to Z!

Discover the optimal tile materials and the best tile sizes to use for a tile wall surround

How-to install a beautiful new row of deco tile and a custom ceramic soap dish in your custom tile shower

I give away my best tip to avoid wasting expensive material to save you time and money!

Take the guesswork out of coming up with an exquisite design for your bathroom and get inspiration from the bathroom design ideas that you will simply get handed to you.

Get a thorough cost-breakdown of your bathroom remodeling project so you avoid making costly mistakes.

Learn the quickest, easiest, most secure way to fasten new towel bars, robe hooks and paper holder

Learn how to build and install a brand new Toilet that never leaks and looks fantastic!

Exclusive access to the Student Forum and Community where you can get professional advice and all of your burning questions answered in any area of your project from me and other students, 24/7!

On-going training as it is added to the members area each and every month.

…And a whole lot more, just to much to list here…Click Here!

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